Urine Sediment analyzer

  • BW-3000 Urine Sediment Analyzer
BW-3000 Urine Sediment Analyzer

BW-3000 Urine Sediment Analyzer

  • Product description: BW-3000 Urine Sediment Analyzer


● Test items: red blood cell, white blood cells, pus cells, squamous epithelial cells, non-squamous epithelial cells,WBCC, transparent casts, unclassified casts, crystals, bacteria, blood bacteria, sperm, mucus and etc.

● Principle: Flow cell technology, medical image information fusion technology, machine intelligence visual recognition technology

Flow counting cell Four-channel quantitative flow counting cell

● Specimen At least 2.5 ml

● Detection speed 120-150 samples/hour

● Aspiration 0.5 m1

● Sensitivity<10 /ul

● Recognition rate > 95% artificial auxiliary judgment

● Repeatability Test CV < 10%

● Carrying pollution rate < 0.05%

● False negative rate < 3%

● Data storage 200000

● Languages Chinese, English or language set according to user's requirements

● Report form XX/ul & HPF international common quantitative units, comprehensive graphic report of dry chemical analysis and urine formed elements quantitative analysis

● External printer

● Working environment (temperature and humidity) 18°C 30'C

● Power supply AC220V 10% 50Hz

● Dimensions (mainframe): 660mm × 440mm × 570mm (length × width × height).

● Weight About 33kg

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