Urine Analyzer

  • BW-500 Urine Analyzer
BW-500 Urine Analyzer

BW-500 Urine Analyzer

  • Product description: BW-500 Urine Analyzer



Have automatic calibration function !

●Measurement principle: Ultra-brightness cold light source, three-wavelength reflectometry principle

●Scope of application: 10, 11, 12 test strip compatible

●Test items: Glucose (GLU), Bilirubin (BIL), ketone (KET), Specific gravity (SG), pH (pH), Blood (BLD), Protein (PRO), Urobilinogen (URO), Nitrite (NIT), Leukocyte (LEU), Ascorbic acid (VC), Creatinine ( CRE), Calcium (CAL), MAL

●Data Storage: Mass storage. 2,000 test results can be stored and the test result can be checked according to the record number

●Display: 240X128 large screen display

●Peripheral: Reserved RS232 interface. Can be connected with urine sediment analysis system, hospital management software (HIS, LIS)

●Use of power: External power supply, AC 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, safe and reliable

●Test speed: 500 samples/hour

●Detection wavelength: 525nm-660nm

●Printing Method: Built-In High speed thermal printer

●Working Environment: 15-35 °C, Humidity <85 %

●Troubleshooting: Self-tested by the instrument and matched with standard gray scale detection

●Power: 50VA

●Weight: <10KG

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